August 29, 2016

Complete meeting packet


Dr. Lechner opened the budget hearing. The budget has a handful of changes since posted for public view last May. The Board is currently negotiating its contract with teachers. It is recognized that compensation could change upon a contract settlement. Ms. Buscemi presented the District 39 Budget.

District 39 continues to serve as the fiscal agent for the WCSEA, which provides a special education financial umbrella for D39 and Avoca School District 37.  The Illinois State Board of Education Funding and Disbursement Services Division requires WCSEA to keep separate accounting records and to follow the same Illinois State budget guidelines that are required of District 39 and other Illinois school districts. The budget provides a mechanism to "flow through" and distribute state/federal funds to both school systems. Ms. Buscemi presented the WCSEA Budget.


Board Committee Reports

  • Facility DevelopmentCindy Levine reported. The committee met on August 18 and August 29. The status of the Learning Commons at Harper and WJHS were reviewed. Harper's ribbon cutting was August 24. WJHS is awaiting delivery of some shelving and furniture and will hold a ribbon cutting in September. McKenzie and Romona will be the next schools to get this update. Committee had updates on boilers and roof replacements and discussed performance contracting. Next meeting is September 12 at 8:30 am.
  • Community Review CommitteeCindy Levine reported. CRC met over the summer to select a topic, which is "school climate." This is divided into "interpersonal relationships," which includes diversity, and "safety," which includes social conflict and anti-bullying. Next meeting is September 12 at 7:00 pm.
  • School FinanceJohn Flanagin reported. Committee met before the Board meeting. Performance contracting was discussed as well as the interfund loan and tax compliance resolution, both on the Board agenda. The budget was also reviewed. Next meeting is September 12 at 8:00 am.

Legislative Update

Tracy Kearney reported. On June 30, the Illinois legislature approved a FY 17 budget for education. It includes a $361 million increase over last year. Senate Bill 2047 provides funding for school districts that will cover the per pupil statutory level of $6119. It provides additional funds for districts with high poverty levels. ISBE will post the numbers each district will receive. District 39 will get $144,000 less than previously budgeted or expected. The State also approved a six month stop gap budget. A bi-partisan school funding reform commission has met to discuss the State's funding formula. They are charged with having a recommendation ready by February 1. State Senator Daniel Biss is on this committee.

Dr. Lechner added that there has been recent news that high schools in Illinois are no longer required to administer PARCC assessment in lieu of the SAT. He applauds the State for this decision, and has been working with colleagues in the township to seek a similar PARCC substitute for elementary school systems.


Announcements from the Superintendent

  • Opening Days - New Teacher Orientation was the week of August 15, with topics including professional expectations, D39 curriculum, and school safety. Paraprofessionals returned on Friday, Aug. 19, with workshops that included CPR training, technology integration, and supporting the Illinois Learning Standards. All remaining staff returned on Monday, August 22 and Tuesday August 23 was the annual District-wide Institute Day with keynote speaker, Pat Savage-Williams, discussing diversity and inclusiveness within schools. Last Wednesday, August 24 was the first half day of school for students.
  • Summer Construction - Several construction projects were completed this summer; Learning Commons were completed at Wilmette Junior High School and Harper. Harper held their ribbon cutting on August 24th. The WJHS ribbon cutting will take place in September.


Strategic Plan Updates

  • Response to the Community Review Committee (CRC) Report CRC Dr. Lechner - This is the Superintendent's response to the CRC Report, "A Year of Reflection" that was presented to the Board of Education in May 2016. The CRC identified significant diversity among reports, and the recommendation of having a standard rubric for report writing is an excellent one. Additionally, establishing a three-year review process is reasonable. Also, the Board has established a Strategy committee that will coordinate efforts with the CRC.

  • Response to Board Questions about Evolving Student Growth ModelMs. Lee - This report is in response to questions from the Board of Education regarding D39's evolving student growth model. It explained the process of establishing growth target ranges and the future plans to pilot a student growth model.

  • Technology Infrastructure and 1:1 UpdateMr. DeMonte - All work for "Phase II" of the network infrastructure project was completed by Heartland Business Systems this summer. The D39 Tech Department is monitoring the equipment to make sure it is working as expected now that are buildings are filled with staff and students. Also, the 5th -8th grades 1:1 program is entering its final year of implementation.

Annual Business

  • Enrollment Update - Dr. Glowacki - Each August the Board receives an update on the D39 student enrollment. District 39 has 3,623 students registered for this school year. This is stable enrollment. Overall, the number of teachers needed decreased slightly from 148 FTE in 2015-2016 to 146 FTE in 2016-2017.  Central and Harper each have only three sections of kindergarten this year.
  • FY16 Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefits Report (ATSB)Dr. Glowacki – There is an annual requirement to report teacher and administrator salaries. This information will also be posted on the District website.

Board Action

The Consent Agenda was approved including the following:


The next meeting of the District 39 Board of Education will be on Monday,
September 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM at the Mikaelian Education Center.