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The Microsoft Silverlight media player plug-in is required to view videos of meetings prior to March of 2016.

Also: The video files are quite large and may take up to one or two minutes to "buffer" before it begins playing.

video_agendaThe video will open in a window with the video appearing on the left and the meeting agenda appearing on the right. Note that the agenda is split into two columns, a "table of contents" on the left and documents on the right. Click on a document name in the table of contents to view it on the right.

Most documents are PDFs, and may also be downloaded to your computer for future reference if desired by simply right-clicking on the document and choosing "Save" from the pop-up menu.


granicus_volAdjust the volume using the slider on the bottom right of the video viewer (see image at left), in addition to turning up the volume on your computer.