Mission Statement

A Wilmette District 39 education engages, empowers, and inspires students to lead academically successful, socially responsible, compassionate, and purposeful lives.

District 39 will foster a thriving learning community that cultivates growth through:Romona Students

  • Engaged Learning
    • Ensuring a strong foundation of purpose, skills, and knowledge.
    • Providing tailored, real-world learning opportunities through a relevant, inspiring educational model.
    • Building on interests and strengths while ensuring complexity and challenge.
  • Empowered Mindset
    • Embracing continuous growth for each student.
    • Nurturing creativity, curiosity, and risk-taking.
    • Promoting a sense of responsibility to address local and global challenges.
  • Inspired Community
    • Strengthening relationships between and among students, staff, families, and the broader community.
    • Prioritizing health and well-being through an accepting, supportive, and representative environment for all students and staff.
    • Cultivating a community that embraces and benefits from the unique identities, abilities, and perspectives of all members.

Statement of Inclusion

District 39 believes inclusion plays a vital role in student growth. We are committed to providing a safe and equitable learning environment that fosters a mindset of empathy, respect, and belonging for all District 39 students and staff.

By respecting each person’s unique identity, perspective, and learning style, we create a stronger community. We honor differences including races and cultures, genders and sexualities, abilities and aspirations, identities and affiliations, socioeconomics and worldviews. Embracing diversity prepares our students to thrive in an increasingly complex global community.

Every classroom in our district is comprised of students who bring unique identities, cultures, beliefs and traditions, and it is imperative that they see themselves and their families reflected in their classroom and school. Teachers and staff in D39 are committed to supporting students as they share their identities, beliefs and traditions with their classmates and strive to acknowledge the many traditions represented and celebrated in our D39 learning community. This may include the use of literature, video, student sharing, or other activities to support student representation and understanding of one another.

Wilmette Public Schools Resolution Condemning Hate

The Wilmette Public Schools District 39 Board of Education unanimously adopted a resolution in June 2019 condemning hate and deepening the District's commitment to a positive school environment.

The Board resolved the following through the Resolution:

  • The Board of Education condemns any and all forms of hate or discrimination.
  • The Board of Education will work toward ensuring a school environment free of hate.
  • The Board of Education empowers the Administration to promote inclusion and discourage bullying and discrimination within Wilmette Public Schools.
  • The Board of Education directs the District Administration to commit to and present a clear, actionable, timely and sustainable plan to reduce instances of harassment and intolerance throughout Wilmette Public Schools.
  • The Board of Education supports all Wilmette School District staff, students and families in working together toward eliminating all instances of prejudice, hate and discrimination from within the Wilmette Community. 

Resources to Combat Hate and Promote Equity

District 39 compiled a library of educational resources for families, children and community members designed to combat the spread of hate and racism in our community. 

These resources can be found on the equity page of the District 39 Virtual Library.