Device Care

2022–2023 School Year 

All grade levels of students use a D39 issued iPad. The same iPad will follow your child in a four year rotation, 1st through 4th grades and 5th through 8th grades. Kindergarten iPads are assigned to individual students but only used for the one school year. All 1st through 8th grades iPads include a hard wired keyboard case (non-Bluetooth).

ipad Technical Support

For all technical support issues with student iPads, including broken screens, lost, or stolen iPads, please complete this support form which will be immediately routed to the school technician. Every school has a support technician to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the iPads distributed? All iPads will be distributed when school has begun. Homeroom teachers will be distributing iPads for all new and returning students. The specific date for distribution will be communicated by the school. 

What is AppleCare+? AppleCare+ is Apple's insurance for accidental damage to the iPads. We purchase AppleCare+ for all district owned iPads. You will be invoiced when a repair is needed. Incidents are cumulative for the four year device rotation.

  • 1st Incident $51.75
  • 2nd Incident $51.75
  • 3rd and Additional Incidents $310.50

What do I do if my iPad is lost or stolen? If your child's iPad is lost or stolen, you or your child must report it immediately to the building's technology staff. You should also complete this support form so we have a record of it. If lost, our technology staff can try to ping its location to assist you in finding it. If you know for certain it was stolen, please file a Police report with all the known details and we can provide the Police Department additional information like serial number in case it is recovered. Please tell the Police Officer to contact the Technology Department at 847-512-6028.

What is the Lost/Stolen Insurance and do I have it? We include lost/stolen insurance in the Instructional Materials Fee and therefore everyone has it. If the iPad is lost or stolen, you are financially responsible for the deductible listed below. Incidents are cumulative for the four year device rotation.

  • 1st Incident $77.50
  • 2nd Incident $155.50

How do I replace broken charging accessories? Within your four year rotation, you are welcome to purchase and use a third party charger. Upon collection of the iPad at Kindergarten, 4th grade, and 8th grade, we will need official Apple accessories returned and will invoice for missing chargers.

  • Apple Brand Power Adapter $20.75
  • Apple Brand Cable $20.75

Can we remove the iPad case?The iPad case should remain on the iPad at all times. If you need to remove the cover for any reason, including the need to clean the iPad, please contact a building support technician for assistance. This is to avoid damages to the iPad. You will be responsible for the cost of repair if the iPad is not in its protective case.

What happens when a case is damaged?
 A proper case is critical to protect the iPad from damage. If a case is damaged, we invoice for the replacement. Replacement costs will vary depending on the type of case.

  • Logitech Keyboard Only $51.75
  • Logitech Rugged Combo $103.50
  • STM Keyboard Case Combo $103.50
  • Non Keyboard Case $36.25

Where can I pay my fees? Parents login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Login with the same username and password used to view report cards. Choose Balance from the left menu. Then, click on Make a Payment.

How do I find school based information on iPad use, responsibilities, and training? Every school has a technology teacher or technology specialist who are licensed teachers that can assist you with these questions. Please contact your child's teacher to be put in contact with one of our instructional technology staff.

Will I be able to connect to the Internet at home? Parents may allow their child to connect to the Internet at home, however, please understand it is the parents responsibility to monitor Internet use at home. Students will be bound by the same policies, procedures, and guidelines from school. The Internet is strictly filtered at school.

Will the iPad be sent home daily? Yes, in grades 5th through 8th. In grades Kindergarten through 4th, it will be a school/grade level/teacher decision. Please note, this will vary based on particular lessons, age of the child, and other factors.

Will I need the Internet to use the device at home?
 While it may be easier to complete assignments with access to the Internet, students will be able to download most of the information they need onto their device before they go home. In addition, they will be able to upload completed assignments at school prior to the start of the school day. If reliable Internet is not available to your family, please reach out to the D39 Technology Department at 847-512-6028 who can assist.

What control do I have of the device at home? Parents have the right to make the rules as to when your child can use the device at home. Although you may enable iOS Screen Time, please note that there may be a delay in school use if the passcode is unknown to school staff.

Can I purchase apps? D39 will be purchasing apps on behalf of students. The iPads will all come with a set of Core Apps for each student. We use a mobile device management software to control the iPad so that it is used for educational purposes only and therefore, the App Store is not available.

What if I forget to bring my iPad to School? Teachers will provide materials to use during the school day and if there is an assignment that requires use of the iPad, a loaner will be provided. It is an expectation that you will bring your fully charged iPad to school every day.

Where can I receive technical assistance? Students can stop by their school Learning Commons before or after school for technical assistance during the year or simply complete this support form and one of our building technicians will reach out to you.

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