Board Meeting Highlights

March 21, 2022

Complete Meeting Packet

REGULAR MEETING Student Recognition - HMS/WJHS Math Club - Mrs. Jackson & Ms. Dominique
The HMS and WJHS Math Club has been active in MathCounts competitions as well as in the Perennial Competition this year. The Board recognized student accomplishments at each. Aren Emrikian, Anton Gensink, Henry Liu, and Renee Ma were selected to be the team representing WJHS at the regional MathCounts competition. The team earned 3rd place at regionals. Individually, Henry Liu placed 22nd and Aren Emrikian placed 2nd. At the State competition, Aren placed 8th as an individual and took first place in the countdown round.

The Perennial Competition is a set of four monthly contests, where a student’s score is the sum of the four contests. Representatives from WJHS were Renee Ma, Anton Gensink, and Evelyn Sun. Representatives from HMS were Albert Lin, Eric Wang, Theodore Deters, and Elisha Lee. All seven students placed in the top 10% nationwide for their grade level. Renee Ma and Albert Lin were top scorers for each school.

Board Reports During the March 14 Committee of the Whole/Special Meeting the following committee discussions took place.

Facility Development Committee (FDC) - Mr. Panzica
The Harper asbestos abatement project bid opening was held on March 7. MKA Environmental Consulting reviewed the bids and confirmed the scope of work. DEM Services was deemed the lowest responsible bidder. With MKA and the administration’s recommendation, the Board approved the DEM Services contract.

School Finance Committee (SFC) - Mr. Cesaretti
The District is procuring a bid to replace areas of flooring at Highcrest Middle School. The project includes many classrooms and common areas of the school. The project is expected to be presented for approval at either the Committee of the Whole or Board of Education meeting in April.

Strategy - Mrs. Schneider-Fabes
After reviewing the information presented by Atlantic Research Partners, the District administrative team worked to identify themes offered within the report. The student services department has prioritized those themes and developed preliminary plans for action steps toward improvement and ongoing work. Attorney Dana Crumley was in attendance, as she has been working with ARP representatives to review their recommendations and provide guidance.

The Board discussed themes and next steps; plans for reviewing eligibility criteria and certification requirements and responsibilities of LEA representatives at IEP meetings; the hiring of two additional Student Services Coordinators and two Behavioral Specialists positions for the upcoming school year to support ongoing improvement efforts; as well as the identified themes and action steps.

Liaison Reports

Community Review Committee (CRC) - Mr. Cesaretti
The committee continued to work in their subcommittees on their topic “Building Responsive Social-Emotional Learning through Strengthening Parent-Teacher Communication and Increasing Parent Understanding of and Engagement in SEL Instruction.” Next meeting will be held on April 12.

Educational Foundation - Mrs. Kim
Educational Foundation meets March 23.

Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) - Mrs. Kim
Last November, IASB left the National School Boards Association. IASB has now announced it has joined a new “Consortium of State School Boards Association” as a founding member. COSSBA is a national, non-partisan organization dedicated to sharing resources and information to support, promote, and strengthen state school boards associations, with a focus on federal education issues. Their first meeting will take place in April.

Wilmette Village Intergovernmental Cooperation Working Group - Mr. Cesaretti/Mrs. Kim
Mr. Cesaretti stated he and Mrs. Kim attended the meeting on March 1. Sustainability is the group’s chosen topic. Mr. Cesaretti and Mrs. Kim shared some of District 39’s sustainability efforts. The group is considering utilizing a shared sustainability liaison.

Insurance Advisory Committee (IAC)
The Insurance Advisory Committee held its annual meeting on March 14. District 39 is part of a health and dental cooperative called Cooperative 90’s. Catherine Loney from GCG Financial reviewed D39’s utilization of the health and dental insurance during the current plan year. The plan year runs from September 1-August 31 each year. Initial premium rates were shared; projections noted increases in health insurance between 8-17% as well as a 2.5% in the dental PPO premium. The cooperative board discussed several plan change options to attempt to reduce the increase in premiums. Final plan decisions and premium costs will be determined at the next Cooperative board meeting. Open enrollment will be held at the end of May for implementation on September 1.

Wilmette Community Special Education Agreement (WCSEA)
The Wilmette Community Special Education Agreement Advisory Board met to prepare the budget timeline, review expenditures, and discuss a tentative budget for Fiscal Year 2023. The Summer Enrichment Program plans were also discussed.

Legislative Update - Mrs. Kim
No action has been taken on pending bills that were highlighted in February pertaining to measures to allow substitute teachers to be in the same classroom for a longer period, reduction of fees for substitute teachers, and a reduction in age for some paraprofessionals.

Information Items

Written Communication - No written communication was received.

Announcements from the Superintendent

Student Recognition - IGSMA
Students were recognized for their recent musical preparation and performance at the Illinois Grade School Music Association (IGSMA) Contest. WJHS Orchestra, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band participated in the IGSMA District 8 Organization Contest hosted this year at Viking Middle School in Gurnee. All three Wilmette ensembles delivered outstanding performances in the district level festival this year. WJHS Orchestra and Concert Band earned a Division 1 Superior rating for their performance, and Symphonic Band received the highest marks possible from all three judges, earning a Division 1 Superior rating with Distinction. Only three of the 36 groups that participated in the festival received this distinction.

PreK-4 Grade Parent-Teacher Conferences
Spring parent-teacher conferences for students in PreK-4th grade will be held April 21-22. The registration period will open on Monday, April 4 at 9 am. Conferences will be held remotely via zoom and in-person, for those who request an in-person conference. The registration system will automatically schedule a remote appointment, however, an in-person meeting can be requested.

Registration for Next School Year
Registration remains open for the 2022-23 academic year. Parents are asked to complete registration as soon as possible. To register returning students, visit the PowerSchool parent portal, click on the registration link and follow the instructions. New D39 students should visit for instructions on the four-part registration process. D39 is offering its KEEP39 afternoon enrichment program for kindergarten students. Although the deadline for a guaranteed spot in the KEEP39 program has passed, families can still sign up to be put on a waiting list.

Mitigations Review and Update
The District has moved to Step 2 of the Mitigations Off Ramp plan. The area continues to experience favorable trends in metrics and, following another review this week, it is anticipated the District will move to Step 3 of the Off Ramp plan. An announcement will be made on March 23 regarding that next step, which is likely to take effect on Monday following spring break.

Step 3 in the Off Ramp includes the opportunity to reduce restrictions for social distancing in student arrival/dismissal procedures, as well as bathrooms, hallways and common spaces (ie. removal of markings for social distancing within these areas).

Step 3 also provides the opportunity to discontinue access to free Covid-19 PCR testing (SHIELD Illinois testing) as well as access to direct instruction for isolation (COVID-positive) and quarantine orders. Administration will re-evaluate these needs. Weekly SHIELD testing continues to be adequately utilized, therefore, the District may continue to make testing available provided participation remains at 100 or more participants during each testing session. If participation begins to wane, the District may reduce SHIELD testing to fewer days each week.

Public Comment Procedures
At the March Committee of the Whole Meeting, the Board of Education discussed its procedures for accepting public comment during in-person meetings. Throughout the pandemic, the Board adjusted its procedures to ensure individuals in-person and remote had the opportunity to provide public comment. With a return to full in-person meetings and loosening of restrictions for these meetings, the Board considered the need for accepting public comment remotely. Following some discussion, the Board agreed that remote public comment was no longer necessary. Those wishing to participate in real-time during public meetings may attend in-person and provide public comment in-person. Members of the public may also submit comments in writing. Written communications are reviewed by members of the Board and posted within the regular board meeting agendas each month. The Board will continue to livestream its public meetings and to post full recordings of its public meetings.

Highcrest Flooring Bid Announcement
The District will host a bid for flooring work at Highcrest to be conducted over the summer. Based upon the expected bid opening date and lead times for materials, the plan is to seek Board approval for the lowest responsible bidder at the CoW meeting on April 11.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
The District received FOIA requests from Jonathan Fagg of ABC7 requesting a copy of forms that challenge library books including titles, action, reason for the challenge, any other available information related to the challenge, and if the book was part of the curriculum/program; Ted Novak requesting copies of the Public Official Surety Bond/Blanket Surety Bond; and, if applicable the following: General Obligation Bonds, General Long Term Bond for the School Board, Crime Policy, Risk Management Policy, Certificate of Liability, copies of ACORD 125, 126, 127, 128, Faithful Performance Bond, Fidelity Bond, Public Employee Dishonesty Policy, Statutory Bond, Official Bond, Power of Attorney for Surety Bond Company and copy of Oath of Office.

Annual Business

  1. Special Education Child Count - Dr. Swanson
    Each year the Illinois State Board compiles information about the number of students with disabilities in each school district, known as the December 1st Child Count. This information is compiled for funding purposes, as well as to identify trends in buildings, districts, and state-wide. The number of students with disabilities varies each year, as students are evaluated for admission and dismissal from special education regularly, and due to the students who may move-in or out of the District. The special education department uses this information to explore trends in the data in order to better inform instruction, intervention, and evaluation processes. The number of students has remained relatively consistent over the past few years, with a noticeable drop last year due to COVID. The percentage of students with IEPs in D39 is slightly higher than in previous years, and while some of the increase is likely due to COVID-related factors, it will continue to be closely monitored.
  2. Fiscal Year 2022 District 39 Tentative Amended Budget - Mr. Bultemeier
    The District is amending the FY 2022 budget to reflect the issuance of debt certificates in February. The debt certificates generated $6.5 million in proceeds for capital projects. The budget changes are limited to the Capital Projects and Debt Service Funds, both non-operating funds. All Operating Funds’ budgets are remaining exactly the same as the originally adopted budget.
  3. Regular Transportation Contract - Mr. Bultemeier
    The District’s regular transportation contract with North Shore Transit expires in June. According to school code, District 39 and North Shore can extend the contract by one year upon mutual agreement. Administration recommended the Board approve a one-year extension with a fee increase of 12.5%. Multiple factors have impacted North Shore Transit’s costs which have increased 10-20%.

Board Policy Review

  1. First Reading of Board of Education Policies 2:230, 4:15, 4:110, 5:30, 5:90, 5:100, 5:190, 5:200, 5:280, 6:15, 6:20, 6:30, 6:50, 6:60, 6:110, 6:120, 6:135, 6:150, 6:160, 6:190, 6:235, 6:280, 7:10, 7:20, 7:40, 7:50, 7:60, 7:70, 7:100, 7:140, 7:180, 7:190, 7:200, 7:210, 7:220, 7:240, 7:250, 7:260, 7:290, 7:305, 7:340, 7:345
    Most policy updates/reviews are a result of the fall PRESS update. While many policies were reviewed, not all of the policies required significant revisions. The Board reviewed, discussed and suggested revisions to several policies. The Board discussed Policy 6:60 and, in light of the considerations, decided to place this policy on the Committee of the Whole agenda in April for additional consideration prior to the second reading of policies at the April regular Board of Education Meeting.



The Consent Agenda was approved including the following:
  1. Personnel Report dated March 21, 2022
  2. Approve the Fiscal Year 2022 District 39 Tentative Amended Budget and Approve a Public Budget Hearing
  3. Approve the Regular Transportation Contract Extension
  4. Approve as First Reading Board of Education Policies 2:230, 4:15, 4:110, 5:30, 5:90, 5:100, 5:190, 5:200, 5:280, 6:15, 6:20, 6:30, 6:50, 6:60, 6:110, 6:120, 6:135, 6:150, 6:160, 6:190, 6:235, 6:280, 7:10, 7:20, 7:40, 7:50, 7:60, 7:70, 7:100, 7:140, 7:180, 7:190, 7:200, 7:210, 7:220, 7:240, 7:250, 7:260, 7:290, 7:305, 7:340, 7:345


Board Action
Approve the Resolutions Authorizing the Honorable Dismissal of Teachers

The next regularly scheduled Board of Education Meeting will be held on Monday, April 25, 2022 at 7 pm at the Mikaelian Education Center.