Update from the Metrics Reopening Advisory Team
Posted on 10/05/2020
Wilmette Public Schools District 39

Wilmette Public Schools District 39
Mikaelian Education Center
615 Locust Road
Wilmette, IL 60091

Metrics Team and Wilmette Welcome Weeks Update:

Our District 39 Metrics Reopening Advisory Team held its weekly meeting on Friday. The purpose of the Metrics Team is to study important school-relevant metrics of COVID-19 and the District’s Reopening Plan in order to guide adjustments to our reopening efforts and improvements in health and safety protocol. On Friday, the Team reviewed the most recent D39 Metrics Dashboard and full report, and discussed a variety of operational topics.

Our D39 Metrics Dashboard this week continues to reflect favorable metrics overall. Everyone’s continued hard work and diligence in practicing healthy habits and effective implementation of school protocol continue to prove beneficial. Thank you for your ongoing support for healthy habits and the important work of our schools.

The Metrics Reopening Advisory Team discussed a variety of topics, including:

  • Ongoing Review and Updates to Our Metrics Dashboard - We continue to have favorable trends on COVID-19 transmission rates and data within the region. We continue to make improvements to the ways in which data are displayed.  For updates, please see our Metrics Reopening Team page where the dashboard and reports are posted each Monday.
  • Staff and Student Absences, especially as relates to Quarantine Guidelines and substitutes - Our School Nurses and Human Resources Team must process a substantial amount of information in evaluating common symptoms and return to school/work procedures.  We appreciate everyone’s careful attention to and follow-through on requested documentation.
  • Parent support of Self-Certification - Ongoing reminders to parents have been helpful in supporting self-certification process. In addition, a D39 Family Response to Illness Instructions Booklet has been published for easy reference to parents. This Booklet compiles information that is helpful to assist families in responding to illness and symptoms of illness. 
  • COVID-19 Testing Availability and Access -  We are learning through experience that some sites are more accessible.  We continue to seek new avenues for accessible and reliable testing, and will include this information within our new D39 Family Response to Illness Instructions Booklet as new information becomes available.

Additional adjustments recommended by the Metrics Reopening Advisory Team include:

  • Creation of the new D39 Family Response to Illness Instructions Booklet to help guide parents in responding to illness and school requirements for returning to school;
  • Support for ongoing recruitment of parents to serve as substitute teachers and/or supervisors;
  • Continued development of new data collection strategies related to operational metrics, with special attention to social distancing; and
  • Ongoing reminders to parents of the importance of diligently monitoring health symptoms.

Below are a few things parents can do to help. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the new D39 Family Response to Illness Instructions Booklet – This guide has just been published today and will be regularly updated.  Consider bookmarking this tab for future reference.  If your child is ill or is experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19, the D39 Family Response to Illness Instructions Booklet will help to guide your next steps and what you can expect from the school.  Careful adherence to these guidelines and the documentation requested by your school nurse will help to keep everyone healthy and safe. 
  • Apply to be a Substitute Teacher - Consider applying to serve as a substitute teacher in your child’s school or as a fully remote teacher.  We need your help! In an effort to keep our schools and community healthy, we are seeking D39 parents to consider becoming a substitute teacher. Our goal is to secure at least one parent, per grade, per school to serve as a substitute teacher. It’s a fun and important way to support our success. If you are interested in learning more or would like assistance with the application process, please contact Ann Grochocinski or call 847-512-6042.
  • Continue to be diligent in monitoring your health and that of your child – Please keep your child at home if they are ill or experiencing symptoms.  Your child’s physician can help you to evaluate those symptoms, and your school nurse will request documentation of an alternate diagnosis or negative COVID-19 test before returning to school.  It is critically important that we all closely monitor symptoms and continue to be diligent and honest in reporting symptoms of illness to the school.  We are all in this together.  Please help us to keep our schools and our community healthy and well!

Thank you again for your support, your encouragement and your grace as we all work together to support the academic, social and emotional well-being of our students as well as the health of our entire community.

We are looking forward to a great week! Be well.