Below are highlights from the District 39 Board of Education meeting on March 24, 2014.

Announcements from the Superintendent

  • Written communications received this month were reviewed.
  • D39 completed its last round of ISAT testing. According to the State, PARCC will commence next year, but funding for PARCC maybe an issue at the State level.
  • Highcrest Student Council President, Jack Yanover, was introduced to present a public service announcement he created about food allergies in school. 
  • One of the District’s DAR Essay Contest winners, Kirk Stewart, has won first place in the statewide DAR essay competition and now competes in a regional contest.
  • District 39 had success in the Illinois State K-8 Chess Championships. The Romona 2nd-3rd grade finished in 10th place. The Highcrest Chess Club took fist place in the 4th-5th grade division.
  • The Science Olympiad competition on March 22; D39’s varsity team took 4th place, advancing to State competition and the junior varsity team took 3rd place. The two teams together earned 29 medals.

Information items

  • Ms. Buscemi presented the Fiscal Year 2015 Capital Improvement Projects for Board approval. These expenditures will be buegeted not to exceed $650,000 for Non-Life Safety projects. This list is generated by principals and their building staff annually. These projects have been reviewed by the FDC.
  • Ms. Buscemi presented the Fiscal Year 2015 Non-Operating Funds Tentative Budget. This is a first review of the non-operating funds, which are comprised of the Debt Service and the Life Safety Funds. 
  • Mr. Denenberg presented the Highcrest 6th Grade 1:1 Learning Update. He provided additional information about the ongoing 6th grade pilot, highlighted newly developed fee options, and detailed the plan for expansion, proposing a three-phase 1:1 implementation.
  • Ms. Buscemi presented the Fiscal Year 2015 Student Fees for Board approval. Fees remain at their current levels, with the exception of those related to the new1:1 learning program, which has a new technology fee as well as a reduction in instructional materials fees.
  • Dr. Thrasher presented the Response to Intervention Update. She highlighted the improvements in recent years in programs, services, and data collection

Board Action

  • Approved the Personnel Report dated March 24, 2014.
  • Approved as Fiscal Year 2015 Capital Improvement Projects.
  • Approved the School Year 2014-15 Student Fee Schedule.  
  • Approved the Resolution Authorizing the Non-Renewal of Probationary Teachers Not in Their Final Year.
  • Approved the Resolution Authorizing the Honorable Dismissal of Teachers Due to Reduction in Force.
  • Approved a Three-Phase 1:1 iPad Plan and Fee Structure