Board Meeting Highlights - June 23, 2014 

Information items

  • Written communication received by the Board was reviewed.
  • Announcements from the Superintendent
    • Another successful eighth grade graduation was held at New Trier High School. A tentative date for next year is set for June 9, 2015.
    • This spring, 160 D39 staff members participated in “Step it Up,” a new wellness activity.
    • The Revised Board of Education Calendar reflects the cancellation of the July meeting and the change in date of the September meeting to September 29, 2014.
    • Because there will be no Board of Education meeting in July, there must be a Resolution Authorizing July Payments, enabling the District to meet its financial obligations.
    • Annually the Department of Labor establishes the Illinois Prevailing Wages. Each public body is required to adopt, publicly post, and attach a copy of prevailing wages to all construction contract specifications. New Trier High School coordinates this process.
    • Romona needs the support of an Assistant Principal now that enrollment is matching McKenzie and Central. This opening is being posted.
    • Thanks to Dr. Thrasher and the entire team, the Summer Enrichment Program began seamlessly, despite having no time to prepare because of extended school year.
    • FOIA requests for this month were reviewed.
  • Community Review Committee (CRC) President Lisa Fabes, along with other members of the committee, presented the 2013-14 report entitled Developing a 21st Century Learning Infrastructure.The District will use this report to set goals for the 2014-15 school year. In August the annual “Response to the CRC,” is presented stating plans to implement recommendations from this report. In September and October the District/Superintendent goals are established and approved by the Board.
  • Mrs. Horowitz presented the Revised Math Curriculum Update. This is the 3rd update, as curriculum materials are selected for grades 6-8. After careful consideration, the committee selected one program for grade 6 and a different program for grades 7-8.
  • Dr. Thrasher and Dr. Palzet presented Response to Intervention: Zero Period Pilot (HMS). This one-year pilot provides an option for students who qualify to have extra instruction before the start of the day during a “Zero Period.”
  • Mrs. Horowitz and other administrators presented the CONNECTED Strategic Plan Year 4 Update. This provides an update to the Board on the District and Superintendent Goals that were approved last year.
  • Ms. Buscemi presented the report on Student Transportation Routing. The Transportation Department is in the process of evaluating bus routes to improve efficiency and timeliness. Over the past two years the number of stops on some bus routes has grown, causing late buses. For 2014-15, some stops will be consolidated to reduce the number of stops a bus needs to make.
  • Dr. Clauson presented the Enrollment Projections. Early spring indicated a slight uptick in Kindergarten enrollment.  Harper, Romona, and McKenzie will each have an additional Kindergarten section. Second grade at Central and Romona is being closely monitored.

Board Action

  • Approved the Personnel Report dated June 23, 2014.
  • Adopted the Illinois Prevailing Wages.
  • Approved the Administrators' 2014-2015 Contractual Salary with Aggregate Increases Indexed to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Multi-Year Retirement Contracts for Two Administrators.
  • Approved the Resolution Authorizing July Payments.
  • Approved the Revised Board of Education Calendar.