School student records are confidential. Information from them shall not be released other than as provided by law. A school student record is any writing or other recorded information concerning a student and by which a student may be identified individually that is maintained by a school or at its direction by a school employee, regardless of how or where the information is stored, except as provided in state or federal law as summarized below:

  1. 1. Records kept in a staff member’s sole possession.
  2. 2. Records maintained by law enforcement officers working in the school.
  3. 3. Video and other electronic recordings (including without limitation, electronic recordings made on school buses) that are created in part for law enforcement, security, or safety reasons or purposes. The content of these recordings may become part of a school student record to the extent school officials create, use, and maintain this content, or it becomes available to them by law enforcement officials, for disciplinary or special education purposes regarding a particular student.
  4. 4. Any information, either written or oral, received from law enforcement officials concerning a student less than the age of 18 years who has been arrested or taken into custody.

State and federal law grants students, parents/guardians, and when applicable, the Ill. Dept. of Children and Family Services’ Office of Education and Transition Services certain rights, including the right to inspect, copy, and challenge school student records. The information contained in school student records shall be kept current, accurate, clear, and relevant. All information maintained concerning a student receiving special education services shall be directly related to the provision of services to that child. The District may release directory information as permitted by law, but a parent/guardian shall have the right to opt-out of the release of directory information regarding their child.

The District will comply with state or federal law with regard to release of a student’s school records, including, where applicable, without notice to, or the consent of, the student’s parent/guardian or eligible student. Upon request, the District discloses school student records without parent consent to the officials records custodian of another school in which a student has enrolled or intends to enroll, as well as to any other person as specifically required or permitted by state or federal law.

The Superintendent shall fully implement this policy and designate an official records custodian for each school who shall maintain and protect the confidentiality of school student records, inform staff members of this policy, and inform students and their parent/guardian of their rights regarding school student records.

The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures to implement this policy consistent with state and federal law.

Adopted: April 6, 1998
Revised: February 19, 2008; June 19, 2017; April 25, 2022; April 24, 2023