Policy 7:40


Nonpublic School Students, Including Parochial and Home-Schooled Students

Part-Time Attendance

The District accepts nonpublic school students, including parochial and home-schooled students, who live within the District for part-time attendance in the District’s regular education program on a space-available basis. Requests for part-time attendance must be submitted to the Building Principal of the school in the school attendance area where the student resides.

A student accepted for partial enrollment must comply with all discipline and attendance requirements established by the school. The student may participate in any co-curricular activity associated with a District class in which they are enrolled. The parent(s)/guardian(s) of a student accepted for partial enrollment must pay all fees, pro-rated on the basis of a percentage of full-time fees. Transportation to and/or from school is provided on a regular bus routes to or from a point on the route nearest or most easily accessible to the nonpublic school or student’s home. This transportation shall be on the same basis as the District provides transportation for its full-time students. Transportation on other than established bus routes is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s).

Students with a Disability

The District accepts for part-time attendance those children for whom it has been determined that special education services are needed, are enrolled in nonpublic schools, and otherwise qualify for enrollment in the District. Requests must be submitted by the student’s parent/guardian. Special educational services shall be provided to such students as soon as possible after identification, evaluation, and placement procedures provided by Sstate law, but no later than the beginning of the next school semester following the completion of such procedures. Transportation for such students shall be provided only if required in the child’s Individualized Educational Program on the basis of the child’s disabling condition or as the special education program location may require.

Assignment When Enrolling Full-Time in a District School

Grade placement by, and academic credits earned at, a nonpublic school will be accepted if the school has a Certificate of Nonpublic School Recognition from the Illinois State Board of Education, or, if outside Illinois, if the school is accredited by the state agency governing education.

A student who, after receiving instruction in a non-recognized or non-accredited school, enrolls in the District will: (1) be assigned to a grade level according to academic proficiency, and/or (2) have academic credits recognized by the District if the student demonstrates appropriate academic proficiency to the school administration. Notwithstanding the above, recognition of grade placement and academic credits awarded by a nonpublic school is at the sole discretion of the District. All school and class assignments will be made according to School Board policy.

Adopted: November 10, 1997
Revised: September 26, 2016; September 25, 2017; April 25, 2022