Board Meeting Highlights - November 14, 2016

Complete meeting packet

Board Assignment Reports

Facilities Development – Kimberly Alcantara reported - The FDC met on November 7. Floor plans were reviewed for the upcoming McKenzie and Romona Library Commons, as well as preliminary cost estimates, including costs attributable to the HVAC systems, ductwork and LED lighting.  The FDC asked representatives from Ingersoll Rand to consult with architects at STR in providing estimated costs of energy-efficient HVAC systems, including short and long-term cost savings. Ingersoll Rand also presented information on a possible district-wide LED lighting retrofit proposal, with projected grant funding and energy savings. STR Architects presented very preliminary ideas in preparation for a Highcrest space study. The FDC reviewed current floor plans, and discussed problem areas and re-configuration possibilities. Next meeting December 5.

Community Review Committee – Alice Schaff reported. CRC met on November 7. The three subcommittees provided updates. The inclusion/integration subcommittee stated they had researched current practices. Next steps include interview/survey of staff, parents, and students as well as research on best practices in other districts. A District-wide forum on school climate is being planned. The emotional/social subcommittee is looking at current practices and policies and will construct a survey and find best practices. The ongoing audit subcommittee is assessing the 2012-13 report on technology and learning environments.

WCSEA – Tracy Kearney reported. Committee met on November 14. Approved Fiscal Year to date activity through October, 2016 and the Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Financial Report.

School Finance –  John Flanagin reported – Committee met November 7. Auditors presented the audit report with an unmodified opinion letter to District 39 for the year ended June 30. The District has received financial recognition with 4.0 out of 4.0. Student fees were discussed. There has been positive response to dropping the credit card processing fee and adding e-check capabilities to student lunch accounts. Committee is examining waiving credit card fee for registration in 2017-18. The committee also discussed the 1:1 program fees and the assumptions used in long term projections.

Legislative Update

Kimberly Alcantara reported. At last month’s meeting there was discussion about a proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution on the ballot – the “Safe Roads Amendment.” Concerns regarding its substance and potential effect were discussed. The outcome of the election is that the amendment passed, which means that billions of state dollars will be set aside for transportation projects, which could cause financial strain in the future according to opponents. The amendment idea was formulated by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association. It remains to be seen if the amendment will have any effect on transportation budgets within public school districts, and on the ability to transfer funds out of the transportation budget.

In Springfield, the Veto Session begins Tuesday. One of the bills on the table is Senate Bill 2912, which includes provisions that could help ease the shortage of substitute teachers and streamline license reciprocity for educators trained outside of Illinois. The bill passed the Senate last spring but was not called for a vote in the House.  The Bill will now proceed in the House.


Written Communication

Announcements from the Superintendent

School Board Members Day - November 15 marks the eighth annual “School Board Members Day” in Illinois. This is the District’s and community’s opportunity to thank local board of education members for their commitment in providing a local governance voice for your public schools. Leadership for our community, for our schools, and for our future begins here, with the tireless work of our locally-elected school board members. Join with others from throughout Illinois recognizing their efforts.

Parent Teacher Conferences
Annual fall conferences were last Thursday and Friday. Ms. Lee provided a brief update.

Illinois School Report Card
This announcement meets the annual statutory obligation for school districts to present the School Report Card to its school board and for posting on the District website. PARCC results are available on the Report Card. District 39 achievement data was presented in detail at the Board of Education meeting on October 24, 2016.

The Report Card has been released and posted on the D39 website and on each school's website. Parents or community members without access to a printer may request a hard copy of the full version of the District or individual school report card by contacting the Office of Curriculum and Instruction at 847-512-6054.


Strategic Plan Updates

Response to Board Questions

Freshman Survey – Ms. Jackson - This past September the report revealed a decrease in numbers of students expressing feelings of preparedness in the area of science.  Science department members at WJHS have spent time investigating and this update provides additional information.

2016 Fall Assessment Report – Ms. Lee – Last month’s 2016 Fall Assessment Report generated questions regarding D39’s evolving student growth model. This report provides additional information.

Annual Business

Fiscal Year 2016 Financial Audit  - Ms. Buscemi - For the 15th year in a row District 39 has earned the highest financial rating called “Financial Recognition.” This honors the District’s financial stability, with a weighted score of 4.0 out of 4.0.

Long Term Enrollment Projections – Dr. Lechner – The D39 move-in rate continues to be strong, which balances lower birth rates.  The largest enrollment increase happens from Kindergarten to first grade, with a steady 2-4% increase for each successive grade.   The “net” outcome is that overall enrollments are relatively stable. 

2016-2019 Wilmette Education Association (WEA) Collective Bargaining Agreement – Dr. Lechner - The WEA ratified the tentative contract on Monday, November 7th.  The contract will be posted online following the Board meeting.

Board Action

The Consent Agenda was approved including the following:

Prior to adjournment, Board of Education President Alice Schaff read the press release announcing the Board approval of a three-year contract with the Wilmette Education Association. 


The next meeting of the District 39 Board of Education will be on Monday,
December 12, 2016 at 7:00 PM at the Mikaelian Education Center.