Board Meeting Highlights - August 2015

Below are highlights from the District 39 Board of Education meeting on August 24, 2015.



Dr. Lechner opened the budget hearing. The District 39 tentative budget has been on public display since the May 2015 Board of Education meeting.  There were few changes to the draft budget. Ms. Buscemi presented the District 39 Budget. 

District 39 continues to serve as the fiscal agent for the Wilmette Community Special Education Agreement (WCSEA), which provides a special education financial umbrella for D39 and Avoca 37. The Illinois State Board of Education requires WCSEA to keep separate accounting records, so this budget provides a mechanism to “flow through,” and distribute, state/federal funds to both school systems. Ms. Buscemi presented the WCSEA Budget.



Board Committee Reports


Tracy Kearney reported. CRC will be conducting self evaluation this year.

Educational Foundation

Alice Schaff reported. Second annual Attire to Inspire fashion show is Sept, 17th at 11:30 am. Next meeting is Sept 16th at 7:00 pm.

School Finance

Cindy Levine reported. Committee met earlier in the day. Reviewed budgets, interfund loans, tax compliance notifications, capital lease for technology infrastructure, building rental fees, and property tax appeals. Next meeting is Sept 21st at 8:00 am.


Legislative Update

Kimberly Alcantara reported. Senate bill 318 passed in the Senate and is under discussion in the House. It includes a property tax freeze, but no alternate source of revenue. Although it is a temporary two-year freeze, there is concern that it will be difficult to allow that to expire. In addition, there are no legislative guarantees on a pension cost shift that might occur, and a proposed alternative funding formula could present problems too.

Announcements from the Superintendent

  • New teacher orientation and paraprofessional training was held this week. Teachers were welcomed back for building based meetings, there was a District-wide institute day, and then students return Wednesday.
  • Summer construction projects were reviewed. 
  • Two property tax appeal resolutions are on the agenda – one residential and one commercial.
  • FOIA request received this month was reviewed. 



Information items 

  • Mrs. Horowitz - Next Generation Science Standards – New science standards adopted by the State this year were reviewed, including D39’s preparedness. Potential assessments were discussed.
  • Dr. Glowacki - Enrollment Update – Updated information based on new enrollments over the summer.
  • Mrs. Jackson - New Trier High School Freshmen Survey Report – This annual survey provides information on the experience of D39 students once they attend New Trier High School. 
  • Dr. Lechner - Response to CRC’s Report – This annual report sets the stage for the FY16 strategic plan. It addressed the six recommendations from the CRC report.
  • Dr. Lechner  FY14 Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefits Report (ATSB). This is an annual requirement for Illinois schools.  Each September administrator and teacher salaries and benefits are presented and posted in a single document.
  • Dr. Lechner - Facility Rental – First Read of Policy 4:150 Community Use of Buildings and Proposed Building Rental Fees. Building rental fees had not been changed in a number of years. 
  • Mr. DeMonte - Technology Infrastructure –Immediate technology infrastructure needs were outlined and a multi-year plan is being developed.


Board Action

The Consent Agenda was approved including the following:

  • Approved the Personnel Report dated August 24, 2015.
  • Adopted the FY16 District 39 Annual Budget.
  • Adopted the FY16 WCSEA Annual Budget.
  • Approved the Resolution Authorizing an Interfund Loan from the Educational Fund to the Operations and Maintenance Fund.
  • Approved the 2016-2020 OT/PT Support Council of District 39 Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Approved Residential (No. 1508-01) Property Tax Assessment Appeal Resolution.
  • Approved Commercial (No. 1508-02) Property Tax Assessment Appeal Resolution.
  • Approved as First Read Revised Policy 4:150 Community Use of Buildings.
  • Approved Student Tuition.
  • Approved Capital Equipment Lease/Purchase Agreement.
  • Approved Building Rental Fees.

The next meeting of the District 39 Board of Education will be on Monday,
September 28, 2015 at 7:00 PM at the Mikaelian Education Center.