Grade 3 Virtual Museum Project
Central Elementary School, Wilmette, IL

Marzipan Princess Torte
5348 North Clark, Chicago, Illinois

photo by: Isabella A.

photo by: Isabella A.
Marzipan Princess Torte
Marzipan Princess Torte

When immigrants moved to Chicago, they tended to stay together with a group of people who were used to living the same way they had lived in their old country.

Our class visited the Andersonville neighborhood that was formed by a group of immigrants who moved to Chicago from Sweden. Our class assignment was to research how this neighborhood compares to the neighborhood that I live in.

My focus group researched bakeries in Andersonville.

I learned that Marzipan Princess Torte is a very popular food in Sweden! If you notice there is a picture of the Marzipan Princess Torte on the top of the page. You see there are flowers on the cake. While I think they like to decorate cakes with flowers! Marzipan Princess Torte is usually is made on holiday like Easter here and St. Lucia there! Marzipan Princess Torte takes one to two hours to make! If you want to see this for real, go to the Swedish Bakery and talk to Karen!

Andersonville Bakery
Wilmette Bakery

Buttermilk bread

White Bread


Swedish cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Marzipan Princess torte

Birthday Cake


Mini treats glazed in chocolate


In art class I made a Dala Horse.We looked at many designs and this is how I designed mine. I did mine with a Swedish design that Swedish little girls use for coloring!

Reflection: I learned about immigration! Immigration is when someone doesn't like where they're living or if they're in slavery! So, you have to get on a ship and if you're poor, you have to ride on steerage! Steerage is the bottom of the boat where you can get seasick and receive disgusting food. The scary part is they have to go to the bathroom in pots!

Also, our class went on a field trip to Andersonville. We went to the Swedish-American Museum and we dressed up as Swedish people! We spent the day doing laundry, making dinner, milking the cow, picking apples, making beds and more! I really liked the field trip because I really felt I was in Sweden.

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