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Welcome Letters for Students and Parents

Several teachers have written welcome letters to introduce themselves and the classes that they teach. Please click on your teachers' names to learn more. (PDF Format)

Note: This list of letters will be updated through early September.

2013-2014 School Year

5th Grade
House 1: J. Taylor, Grishaber, icon Konicek, icon Anderson
House 2: icon Wasson, icon Fisk, icon Dobson, icon Gontovnick
House 3: icon Rizman, icon Bartschicon Eakley, icon Harris
House 4: icon Cummins, icon K. Taylor, icon Towson, icon Belconis
6th Grade

Team 1: icon Einum, Straub
Team 2: icon Flaniganicon Lipke
Team 3: icon Mason, icon Pyrchla
Team 4: icon Amzaleg, Resis
Team 5: icon Neill, Bassett
Team 6:
icon Everhart, Flintz
Team 7: icon Espinoza, Jurkowski
Team 8: icon Jansyn, Gayle
Team 9: icon Heyde, Eggertsen

Foreign Language

Spanish: iconForde, Horenberger, Kross
French: icon Fox
German: Kaminsky
Latin: icon Vastardis
Mandarin: icon Xu

Related Arts & Choir

Art: Peritz
Drama:icon Rosen, Lynn
Music:icon Larson, Morrison
(6th ONLY) Our Global Climate: VartanianVaselopulos
(5th ONLY) Creative Communications: icon Lynn
Choir: Morrison

Library Media Center (LMC)

LMC Specialist: Kaiser
LMC Assistant: Ciocci

Physical Education (P.E)/Health

P.E. Teachers: Deahl, Fritz, Grimes, icon Green, Lundy, icon Pence, Wehman
PE/Health: Knicker


Accelerated Math: icon Kline
LBS: icon Baird

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