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Wilmette Junior High School
620 Locust Road
Wilmette, IL 60091

Phone: (847) 256-7280
Fax: (847) 256-0204
Safe Phone: (847) 256-2853

Kelly Jackson, Administrator for 5-8 Education
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Eric Resis, 8th Assistant Principal
Lori Naumowicz, 7th Assistant Principal
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WJHS Parent/Teacher Conferences Sign Up

Parent/Teacher Conferences are November 11, 12 and 13.

Click this link to sign up for Parent/Teacher Conferences.


October is Bullying Prevention Month

An important part of preventing bullying from occurring and intervening when it does happen is the establishment of a safe way that empowers students to report things that are happening to them, or things that they may have seen happen to another student. At WJHS, while we always encourage students to report to teachers or administrators when something unsafe is going on, students may feel uncomfortable doing so in person. That is why we have an ONLINE SOCIAL CONFLICT REPORTING FORM for bullying and other social conflicts. Submissions to the form are closely monitored by administration, and all incidents will be investigated. 

This form is linked above and can also be found on the right hand side of the WJHS website. We will be sharing information about the form in homerooms in the coming week, and encourage you to talk with your child about how to use the form, should the need arise.


#hashtags, Apps and wi-fi, OH MY!

Please click on the link HERE to read the first edition of Mrs. Jackson's monthly newsletter, hashtags, Apps , and wi-fi, OH MY! Each month we will address a frequently asked quesion, advise as to ways to keep your child safe with apps and technology, and give parents additional resources to help increase awareness and digital safety. As always, if you have a tech support issue with your child's iPad, please submit an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to have the D39 tech department address the siutation.


Parent Portal and Tutorial Video

To access the Parent Portal click here.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to Navigate the Parent Portal.


WJHS Calendar



S.O.S. November Event

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SOS November Event

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Teacher Pages

7th Grade
8th Grade Resource Teachers
Team 7A Team 8A Wilson- ELL
Team 7B Team 8B Health Services
Team 7C Team 8C Student Services

Team 8D Lukasik
Foreign Language Related Arts 
Frederick- Spanish
Music Department
Green- Spanish PE
Xu- Mandarin PE- Toy  
- Spanish Health
Vlasic- French Nelson- 3D Art
 Kaminsky- German Lunde- 2D Art
 Shoemaker- Latin Barthelmess- Drama
Schwarz- DST 

Clemons- DST


Devorah Heitner's Presentation

To view Devorah Heitner's presentation, Parenting in a 1:1 Environment, please click here!


Parent Technology Boot Camp

Parent Technology Boot Camp
For session materials click here!
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5Essentials Survey

To take the survey please visit  and select the appropriate survey to begin.


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