Students receive instruction in Spanish through fourth grade.  During their fourth grade year, students are then given the option to continue with their Spanish course of study, or to choose a new language to study.  The five languages offered at Highcrest Middle School are French, German, Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish. 

Fourth grade students will be asked to choose their language for fifth through eighth grade during the second half of their fourth grade year.


The fifth grade Spanish curriculum was written by fifth grade Spanish teachers in District 39.  It aligns with the state and national standards for foreign language instruction and it also is vertically aligned from Kindergarten through eighth grade.  Students continuing their Spanish language study in middle school and junior high will have the opportunity to be placed in third year Spanish at the high school.

Students continuing Spanish at Highcrest Middle School will build on the vocabulary they have learned in the elementary schools and will be introduced to specific grammar rules.  Students will also be challenged to use Spanish on a regular basis not only in speaking and listening, but also through increased reading and writing activities.

What language learning tools do students bring to Highcrest?  Watch to find out...

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