Board of Ed Board Policy Section 5 - Personnel 5:280 - Professional Development and Growth Appraisal

Policy 5:280


Professional Development and Growth Appraisal

Recognizing that the appraisal of certificated personnel can help improve instruction and build a better educational program through staff growth; that appraisal can help build morale through continuous appraisal and professional growth; that appraisal can serve as an acknowledgment of exemplary performance; that appraisal can serve as the basis for assistance in areas of possible growth and self-improvement; it is the policy of the Board of Education that all certificated personnel shall be appraised on a system-wide basis and at least one written appraisal report shall be made biennially for each tenured certificated staff member.

All other certificated personnel shall be evaluated annually.  They shall be evaluated by the person to whom they report directly as shown on the organizational chart.  The Superintendent will discuss with the Board of Education the results of these evaluations.

The appraisal procedure will be carried out in the light of the job descriptions for the position and goals that have been agreed upon and mutually formulated by the individual and the immediate supervisor.

After reviewing all parts of the appraisal report, including any comments the individual or appraiser may wish to add, both parties will attach their signatures indicating a review has taken place.

Appraisal reports for the aforementioned personnel shall be submitted to the Superintendent no later than the end of the school year and placed in the official personnel file of the individual.

Evaluations of certified employees shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of The Illinois School Code 105 ILCS 5/24 A-1.

Adopted: November 10, 1997

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