2:400 - Appointment and Duties of the School Treasurer

Policy 2:400

Board of Education

Appointment and Duties of the School Treasurer

The Board of Education shall appoint a School Treasurer, who shall not be a member of the Board. His/her term shall be in accordance with applicable law.

He/she shall maintain records of school funds and balances.

He/she shall, at the end of each month, provide the Board with a statement of position and statement of income and expenditure.

He/she shall countersign disbursements.

He/she shall perform all other duties pertaining to the office as prescribed by the laws of the State of Illinois or as directed by the Board of Education.

He/she shall, when requested, attend the official meetings of the Board.

Adopted: October 20, 1997
Revised: January 20, 2004

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