5:220 - Substitute Teachers

Policy 5:220


Substitute Teachers

The Superintendent may employ substitute teachers as necessary to replace teachers who are temporarily absent.

A substitute teacher must hold a valid teaching or substitute license. Substitute teachers with a substitute license may teach only in place of a licensed teacher who is under contract with the Board. A substitute teacher is not limited in the number of days that he/she may teach in the District during the school year, except as follows:

  1. A substitute teacher holding a substitute license may teach for a period not to exceed 90 school days. A teacher holding a Professional Educator License (PEL) or Educator License with Stipulation (ELS) may teach for any one licensed teacher under contract with the District only for a period not to exceed 120 school days. The School Board annually establishes a daily rate of pay for substitute teachers. No fringe benefits are given substitutes. The Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) limits a substitute teacher who is a TRS annuitant to substitute teaching for a period not to exceed 100 paid days or 500 paid hours in any school year, unless the subject area is one where the Regional Superintendent has certified a personnel shortage exists.

Emergency Situations

A substitute teacher may teach when no licensed teacher is under contract with the Board if the District has an emergency situation as defined in State law. During an emergency situation, a substitute teacher is limited to 30 calendar days of employment per each vacant position. The Superintendent shall notify the appropriate Regional Office of Education within 5 business days after the employment of a substitute teacher in an emergency situation.

Adopted:        May 4, 1998
Revised:         June 20, 2005; March 23, 2015

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