3:40 - Superintendent of Schools

Policy 3:40


Superintendent of Schools (Requires Type 75 Certificate)

Primary Function

The Superintendent of Schools is the chief executive officer of the school system and is responsible to the Board of Education to administer the school system within the policies of the Board and laws of the State of Illinois. The Superintendent plans, develops and directs the overall educational program to fulfill the educational needs of all pupils and to achieve the educational objective established by the Board of Education. S/he directs and is responsible for all activities of the school system.

Organizational Relationships

The Superintendent reports directly to the Board of Education. The following positions report directly to the Superintendent:

  • Administrator for Curriculum/Instruction
  • Administrator for Finance/Operations
  • Administrator for Human Resources
  • Administrator for Student and Special Services
  • Principals

Assigned Responsibilities

  1. Direct the long-term planning of educational program and operations of the school system in order to provide for the future educational needs of the community.
  2. Provide professional leadership in education throughout the school system; and study, keep informed of and stimulate interest in the staff in new developments in education.
  3. Develop, recommend and maintain educational and operating policies for consideration and action by the Board of Education; advise the Board on policy matters, as requested; and put into effect and administer approved policies.
  4. Establish and maintain a sound organizational structure which provides all essential functions of the school system; and recommend, for Board approval, organizational revisions to meet changing conditions.
  5. Direct, administer, coordinate and control, through the appropriate Administrator, Administrative council and the Principals, the educational program and the operations of all schools in the system.
  6. Approve and recommend to the Board the promotion, transfer or dismissal of all administrative and professional staff in the system. Report to the Board the case of any professional employee whose service is unsatisfactory and recommend appropriate action.
  7. Direct and administer the supporting personnel services of the school system including: the recruitment, employment, and retention of all certified and non-certified personnel, staff development, and coordination of student teaching practices and substitutes.
  8. Attend and participate in all Board Meetings; keep the Board informed relative to the educational program and school operations; prepare the agenda for Board Meetings and serve as Secretary to the Board, consulting with the Board President and incorporating agenda requests from Board Members, staff members or citizens; and prepare reports of Board Meetings.
  9. Establish, with the approval of the Board, rules and regulations needed for the direction and control of staff and students.
  10. Assume such additional duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Board of Education.

In addition, the Superintendent will:

  1. Direct and administer through the Administrator for Curriculum/Instruction the supporting professional services of the school system including: the organization and supervision of the Instructional Materials Center; the supervision of librarians; services for the gifted; psychological services; school social work and guidance services; health services; speech and language services; district-wide pupil appraisal services; pupil progress reporting procedures; State/Federal programs and summer school.
  2. Direct and administer through the Administrator for Finance/Operations the supporting business and plant services of the school system in an efficient and economical manner, including: general business, secretarial, budgeting, accounting, and purchasing services; plant operation and maintenance; transportation; school cafeteria services; district-wide field trip program; and implement the procedures pertaining to the Illinois Textbook Law.
  3. Direct and administer through the Administrator for Human Resources/Special Projects the salary administration and personnel benefits program; employee recruitment and selection processes; employee assistance program; contract management; employee discipline, Title VII and Title IX compliance, substitute and student teacher services.
  4. Coordinate and direct the preparation of a recommended annual school budget to meet the objectives of the educational program; present and interpret the recommended budget to the Board of Education; and administer the approved budget efficiently and economically through the Administrator for Finance/Operations.
  5. Coordinate and direct continuous appraisal of school plant needs; develop the educational specifications of new buildings consistent with Board policy on school and class size; and exercise general supervision over the design of new buildings and changes to existing buildings.

Additional Tasks Include

  1. Represent the District at authorized Township functions and cooperative programs.
  2. Administer, as Secretary of the Board, school election procedures.
  3. Assist in directing the data processing services of the District.
  4. Consider and act on all requests for exemption or changes in school attendance boundaries.


The Superintendent is authorized to take any reasonable action necessary to carry out the responsibilities assigned to them so long as such action does not deviate from established policies and practices defined by the Board of Education and is consistent with sound professional judgment. Should an emergency occur which is not specifically by any policy or action of the Board, s/he shall exercise the full power and authority of the Board and report the action to the Board at the earliest opportunity and no later than its next meeting.

The Superintendent is authorized to approve operating and capital expenditures within the limits of approved budgets. Any expenditures involving major projects beyond budget limits must have prior Board approval.

The Superintendent is authorized to disapprove personnel actions submitted by direct subordinates affecting individuals reporting to those subordinates. The Superintendent recommends all personnel actions affecting direct subordinates to the Board of Education for approval.

The Superintendent may delegate to appropriate administrators and professional staff the responsibility and authority to discharge appropriate duties and responsibilities vested in him/her by the Board of Education. However, the delegation of such duties does not relieve the Superintendent of the ultimate responsibility for all activities of the school system.

NOTE: The Superintendent’s work year shall be from July 1st to June 30th with twenty (20) days of vacation or as specified in the contract between the Board of Education and the Superintendent. Fringe benefits will be according to Board policy.

Adopted: 03/05/2001
Revised: 02/15/2005

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