8:80 - Gifts to the District

Policy 8:80

Community Relations

Gifts to the District

The School Board accepts gifts from any education foundation or other entity or individual, provided the gift can be used in a manner compatible with the Board’s educational objectives and policies. The Board believes in equal opportunity for all students and as such, desires to avoid any actual or appearance of a conflict of interest created by a donation. While the Board encourages unrestricted gifts, donations to fund specific projects are acceptable if the project is approved by the Board. All gifts received become the School District’s property.

The following parameters serve to guide the donation of gifts to the school and District; however, in all cases final discretion rests with the Superintendent and the School Board, and all gifts must comply with Illinois law.

  • The Board reserves the right to refuse any donation for any reason.
  • Before beginning a fund-raising campaign for a specific District project or program, independent groups or donors must seek the approval of the Board. Donors will be encouraged to work through organizations associated with the District, including but not limited to the District 39 Educational Foundation, Village-Wide PTO, and the various school PTO/PTAs. Recognition of donations from established District 39 groups may include a small, permanent plaque and/or the organization’s name attached to the gift.
  • Individuals or groups wishing to donate but who do not wish to work through one of the established District 39 groups must contact the Superintendent.
  • District employees must not solicit or accept donations from existing vendors or from vendors with whom they may enter into contracts.

Advertising of any nature by for-profit entities on School District property must be approved in advance by the Superintendent and/or the School Board. Temporary advertising and/or recognition of sponsors on school district property for PTO/PTA and District 39 Educational Foundation events is permissible as long as it is in accordance with the guidelines governing those organizations, is temporary in nature, and does not create a distraction to the educational program.

Adopted: July 21, 1997
Revised: July 20, 2009

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